This upcoming Fall  marks the sixteenth year I have held my seminar since moving to America.

I get many questions from people about the lessons I teach and what attending the seminar would do for them.

Q: What would I gain by taking your Seminar?

A: In these turbulent times fear, anxiety and depression overwhelms many people especially those who have a sensitivity to spirit.
In my seminar you will learn ways to govern this sensitivity so that it does not govern you!

A tenant of my teaching is a guided Inner Journey to attune to the Spiritual Self and its wisdom. This teaching will help you find the inner strength and courage to make sense of this earthly existence.
Each week another aspect of this work is added to your spiritual unfoldment and a stronger link forged with Spirit. If you wish to work with Spirit, the first requirement is to “Know Thy Self.”
You will also meet like-minded people who are seeking a spiritual path and a way to know the Soul and the spark of Divine energy within. Sharing this experience in a group setting benefits all who attend. It is often remarked by the attendees the feeling of love and wellbeing that are fostered during the weekly sessions.

Q: I need to understand why I am seeing future events. Would the Seminar help me?

A: We call this Precognition. A sign that your consciousness is expanding. Attending a Seminar will help you learn to govern your sensitivity, by forging a stronger link with Spirit.

Q: Will I become a Medium by taking your Seminar?

A: Becoming a Medium is a choice made between you and your guides. The Seminar is designed to give you a better understanding of Spirit Communication and the Mechanics of Mediumship.

Q: Can I discover a more spiritual pathway by attending this seminar?

A: Yes, by taking part in the exercises presented each week you will discover a safe method of opening the awareness and the importance of closing down again.

Q: I don’t want to be a Medium, but I do want to help and serve others.

A: There are many ways to work for Spirit without giving proof of the Soul’s continuing existence. The seminar will help you access an inner strength that will improve your life and your chosen career.

Q: I believe I am a healer. Is this subject covered in the seminar?

A: Yes, we discuss and experiencing the healing power used by Spiritual Healers and learn Absent healing.

Q: When is the next Seminar?

A: The Fall 2016 Seminar starts on October the 1st and is every Saturday morning (11am – 12.30pm) for 6 Saturdays.  The Application form is here.