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A:  There are many spiritual laws that must be obeyed by our loved ones and Guides in Spirit. They are not allowed to interfere with our freewill, for doing so will rob us of important Soul growth. Wouldn’t it be wonderful here on earth if those who claim to love us, respected our freewill?

Many parents push their child into pathways that fulfill a dream the parent didn’t achieve in their lifetime creating unhappiness and a sense of being out of step with the world.

Some clients seek answers to decisions they should be making, during a consultation with a Medium. The answer is always the same. Make the decision yourself, whatever choice you make we in Spirit will support you.

Another disturbing situation is the person who when challenged on their behaviour claims, “My Guide told me to do it.” No Guide worthy of being a teacher would condone behavior that brought ridicule to this work or unwanted attention to us. This is often seen with potential healers who are convinced that they must clear themselves of so called negative energy picked up from a patient.

Work with a Spirit Guide is a willing cooperation not an overshadowing of our freewill by a stronger personality. Cooperation means taking personal responsibility for our actions by being disciplined in our work. They are not responsible for events in our lives, but are there to teach and guide us to listen to the inner prompting of our Soul.

Therefore, when a decision must be made listen to how you feel about it, your first reaction is often the right one. Or go to the God of your understanding and ask for strength and courage to make the right choice. An unexpected conversation with a person who tells you of the crime in the area you wish to move to may help you decide. An abused person who found the courage to break free from her marriage may share the way she was helped to do this. Spirit will help you to navigate through your life in this way. Janet Cyford

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