The Ring of Chairs – The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium by Janet Cyford is now available in paperback from Amazon, Amazon Kindle or a signed copy Direct from the Author.

Foreword by Marilyn Awtry N.S.T.

Differing from most books listed as a medium’s story, this book is not an attempt to amplify the person but rather weaves a beautiful teaching of Spirit and Spiritualism and the British Medium’s understanding. From the very beginning, the author clearly points to the fact that while thinking she must set straight the misinformation being promulgated by the media, she found the whole concept to have been Spirit directed. We are made aware that the world of Spirit is not some far distant land but rather simply a different rate of vibration – a different frequency than the physical world we know.

We enter the first Chapter to meet the Family Circle and immediately are made conscious of Spirit communication through a trance setting during the first year of World War II. It was this humble beginning that resulted in many family members developing their gifts.

Without tarrying, the author clearly explains Mediumship and the Medium. She makes it specific that a well-trained medium consciously cooperates with Spirit and the quality of their gift depends upon their ability to achieve, perfect and maintain alignment. The gifts are governed by the Spiritual Laws. The purpose of this communication being to prove or to give evidence of survival of physical death.

One method of Mediumship is the deep trance state. Without room for question, it is explained that today’s “channeling” which seems more relevant to the ego of the discarnate or incarnate personalities in no way relates to Mediumship and communication with the identifiable Spirit entities. To support mediumistic activity as it being a part of Spiritualism, the Seven Principles of Spiritualism which were given through a trance state of a great pioneer, Emma Hardinge Britten are recorded.

Another important issue covered is that of Spirit Guides. The mentioning of Great Souls such as the Nazarene, Mahatma Gandhi as well as those from the spirit side of life such as White Eagle and Silver Birch, far exceeds any channeling of this age. While reaching out to Spirit, we must understand that in no way will Spirit ever deny you the right of your own free will.

Next the often questioned issue is pet survival. Spirit has taught that loving our pets assists them in soul growth in a way that parallels our own, thus no need for transmigration. Like us, our pets do continue in a spirit.

The Private Sitting and Public Service are both explained. The Private sitting oft times becomes important when one has lost a loved one. Then, after so long denying communication, the individual seeks a medium. And, then the medium can reach out to the Spirit side of life for proof of survival. Were this just a psychic level contact, the information would be discerned form the client’s energy field, not Spirit entities.

Public sessions differ in that most often they are opened with an address which maybe inspirational and then followed with a mediumship demonstration.

The Ring of Chairs is a beautiful setting for the group developing mediumship. The development circle provides a safe environment for aspiring mediums. An excellent outline is offered for forming a development group/circle. Specific data is furnished in regard to the most important component which is the group leader. It is also important that the aims and intention also be set out when beginning a circle. Along with this concept, is understanding of the Spiritual Self which is aptly expressed.

The book concludes with segments on Prayer, Absent Healing, Spirit and Spiritual Healing, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Extended Sensory perception, The Aura Energy Field and of utmost importance “The Student.”
 A concluding thought of the author is quote,

“It is the released consciousness that transcends the confines of the rational, critical, everyday mind.”

Marilyn J. Awtry-Smith is a Teacher, Ordained Minister, Certified Medium and Healer, Lecturer and Author, Psychic Research Consultant, Holistic Healer and Contributing Editor of Psychic World-England. Listed in Who’s Who of American Women and in World’s Who’s Who of Women 1983-1990 she is also Co-founder of Harmonial Philosophy Association. 
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