Your class provided me with a structure for what I’ve come to believe is a nightly visitation by a ‘muse’. The evolution of this relationship has taken place over years. Your book “The Ring of Chairs” and the class afforded me the opportunity to view these experiences through a different paradigm. I am so grate for the time and courage it took to place your life story and reflections on page and grateful for the mentorship.
Dear Janet, Sincere gratitude to you for you teaching, guidance and wisdom. I always knew I would meet someone like you, I just didn’t know when.
Thank you for your welcoming spirit and all you have already given me.
I look forward to learning more and more.
Thank you for opening the door.
“As a “graduate” of Janet’s Seminar and a client of several Readings, I know that the integrity of Janet’s gift is solid; and, her generosity of spirit, compassion and availability are a great comfort to her clients. She is “the real thing” in Mediumship, has a sparkling sense of humor, is well-grounded by her family, writings and community services, and is a clear, valuable resource for anyone interested in connecting with loved ones who have passed on.”
Anne P