The Ring of Chairs – The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium by Janet Cyford is now available in paperback from Amazon, Amazon Kindle or a signed copy Direct from the Author.

A guide to the phraseology used by the Author.

Afterlife, (The) 
The reality the Soul, Spiritual Self and our full consciousness will return to, at the moment of physical death. (See Spirit World)

To bring into a harmonious or responsive relationship. An alignment and rapport with another.

The energy emanating from anything that holds a spark of the Divine.

Clear sensing. A blending of all the extended senses. Without vision or sound.

Clear Seeing. A natural ability of the Soul to receive visions, signs and symbols. At the time of writing its meaning has been distorted to, the ability to predict the future.

One who uses inner sight. 
Awareness, perception . . . that which is cognizant.

Conscious Cooperation, 
 An active and willing participation in a harmonious, collaborative effort.
 Being consciously involved in the development of ones mediumship and spiritual unfoldment.

Deep Trance Mediumship, 
Communication with Spirit through the means of deep trance. Not to be confused with modern day “channeling.

Emotional Self, 
That which is formed by our destructive or constructive emotional reactions to events in our lives.

Energy Field
, The energy surrounding all that holds a Spark of the Divine. That which expands when the consciousness is raised. (See Aura)

Evidence of Soul Survival, 
Verifiable information that proves the continuation of life after death.

Field of sensitivity, 
An extended, altered state of awareness, which senses, perceives and registers the energy presence of another.

Greater Self, (The)
 The totality of ones being, including that not yet manifested or recognized.

Individuality, That, which overcomes the present personality with self-mastery . . . An inner unity that allows the Spiritual Self to direct the life. Consciousness functioning beyond the physical nature and it desires.

Inner strength,
 The core of strength found within the Spiritual Self.

Concern with only that, which is impermanent and transitory.

Medium (A), 
The vehicle or instrument through which Spirit contact is achieved.

 The self-mastery to use one’s psychic ability to register the presence of a Spirit communicator or Spirit companion and to work in cooperation with that reality.

, Theoretical, vague, speculative, and unsubstantial. Communication with Spirit is not based on speculative or abstract reasoning, neither is it theoretical.

Speculation upon questions that are unanswerable to scientific observation, analysis, or experiment. Continuation of the human Soul and the existence of an afterlife is proven countless times through various forms of Mediumship.

The vehicle for consciousness.

Nervous system, 
The system of cells, tissues, and organs that regulates the body’s responses to internal and external stimuli. Sensitive nerves through which sensory stimuli pass. Our heightened nervous system perceives on levels of awareness unregistered by the rational mind.

Physical body, 
The corporeal material self . . . A temporal vehicle for the Soul.

 An ability of the Soul to sense what is not seen with the physical eyes. A finely tuned awareness of another’s energy.

Psychic Reading (A), 
Information gleaned by attunement to the person seeking a reading. Our hopes, fears, thoughts and actions, remain within the human aura and are ‘Read’ by the Psychic. Strong wishes and desires are interpreted as future events. Clients are impressed with the Psychic’s ability to accurately ‘Read’ them. Information is accessed without Spirit presence or assistance.

Psychics and Mediums, 
All Mediums are psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums.

, The history of an inanimate object, which can be ‘read’ by a sensitive.

 A vehicle for the Spiritual Self

Soul growth, 
Attributes and creative gifts learned via experience.

Spiritual, Enlightenment that cultures and enriches the indwelling Soul.

Spirit communication
, A message relayed via a mind to mind attunement between the earthly Medium and a Soul no longer in the confines of a physical body.

Spiritualist (A), 
 A Spirit trained Medium. One who demonstrates the tenets of Spiritualism through their Mediumship.

Spirit World, 
The reality where the Soul, Spiritual Self and consciousness exists without the confines of a physical body (see Afterlife)

Spirit communicator(A)
 A consciousness no longer on this earth plane.

Spirit Workers, Coworkers, Colleagues and Friends
, Ordinary folk in Spirit who, through their interest in Mediumship and the reality of spirit communication choose to work, often unappreciated or acknowledged, with a development group.

Spirit Teachers, 
Souls of varying degrees of spiritual evolvement, who elect to teach and train anyone who seeks spiritual unfoldment.

Spirit Guide, (A) 
A longtime companion who remained in the Spirit realms. They walk in harmony with earthly colleagues to fulfill a prearranged plan.

Spiritual Healing, 
Alleviation of pain and suffering using a Healing Power created by God.

Spiritual Healer
, One who is a vehicle for Spiritual Healing. The ability to act as a pure conduit through, which Healing Guides can channel the Healing Power.

Spiritual Unfoldment,
 What is achieved when the inner journey begins. That which manifests when personal self-discipline and self-mastery take effect.

Spiritual Self, 
The spark of Divinity in all living things . . . The Kingdom of Heaven within . . . The light of the Soul . . . The Higher Self.

, A concern for, and knowledge of, matters of the Spirit. An acknowledgement of God, the Great Spirit, in all things.

The self, 
The smaller self, the personality before the Spiritual Self is stirred into manifestation.