Development of Mediumship, Spiritual Unfoldment and the Formation of the Home Circle Six Week Seminar By Janet Cyford

 Available on Six CDs or as a Digital Download.

Many people have asked me to share the method I use in my development circle.

There are many different types of circles, but these six-week seminars address a method which allows all sitters to forge a stronger link with their own spirit guides and teachers.

Spiritual unfoldment is the first requirement. “Man know Thy ‘Self’.” The development of the psychic faculties without the corresponding soul growth leads us no where. If we wish to forge a strong link with Spirit, we must first seek spiritual unfoldment.

Week One deals with an Inner Journey. Using imagery we create an inner temple. As we cross the threshold of our inner temple, our consciousness moves from an awareness of our physical body to an awareness of our Spiritual Self. We are inviting our Soul and the spark of God within to manifest in our lives.

Week Two repeats the inner journey and adds the method of prayer which involves each sitter’s contribution. Following a discussion on Spiritual Healing, we experience personal healing, and alignment on several levels. Absent Healing completes this second disk.

Week Three. From within our inner temple, we find a winding circular staircase. This leads us to my Upper Circle. My Chinaman is master of ceremonies, and we join a multitude of coworkers at this level of attunement. The light emanating from members of the Great White Brotherhood, who always take part in my work with spirit, forms a barrier around this gathering. (You will notice a loud cracking sound here. I have edited the sound wave to save your hearing. We often hear similar sounds in my weekly group, and believe them to be created with the quality of energy built during our group.)

Week Four. In this audio recording we talk about ‘seeing’. How do we expect to ‘see’ a spirit contact? After opening the session with our Inner Journey and collective prayer we experience an exercise which takes us to a level of attunement where we can communicate with a spirit contact. Discussing our individual experiences raises many points of interest. We close our session with a collective prayer.

Week Five. In this session we put together everything we have done in the previous four weeks. The Inner Journey, opening with a collective prayer, the upper circle, spiritual and absent healing.

An exercise to visualize the presence of spirit. Sharing our experience. And finally the closing prayer.

Week Six. Discussion of what has been learned. Questions and Answers.

Note: In order to make each week’s recording fit on to a CD I have deleted the moments of silence during each exercise. If you are playing these for your own group please allow five to ten minutes before you bring your group out of each exercise.