Testimonials for Private Readings with Janet Cyford

Dear Janet, I can’t remember when I shared a more pleasant and rewarding day, your special gift as a medium has given a new outlook on life.  You gave me the perfect gift and I will cherish it forever, Please accept my sincere Thank You. ( Client Flew from Florida to see me)
Janet, Thank you for sharing such meaningful time with me this afternoon. Your gifts are a source of tremendous comfort.
Dear Janet,  It was a very special day when you were placed on this planet.  The blessings and insights you’ve given to so many have changed lives for the better, forever, especially mine. Your Divine Inspiration has brought me to a whole new level of understanding of who I really am, and that life goes on forever.
Dear Janet,  It was wonderful meeting you on Saturday.  I am truly amazed by your gift.  Thank you for being the “telephone” I greatly appreciate it.
Ms. Cyford, I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to help us connect with our loved ones.  It was life changing and it brought us peace. God bless you.—Janet
Hi Janet – I met with you for a reading last week with two of my friends.  I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you so much.  You gave me a message from my grandfather to my father.  My father was so grateful and he said he knew EXACTLY what it meant.  The message that you gave me from my mother-in-law was something that I needed to hear for the past 24 years.  The one thing that makes me the most sad is that she wasn’t here to see my kids grow up (she was an AMAZING woman) but you relayed the message that she has been there the whole time.  I can’t even tell you how much that helps mine and my husband’s heart. He was very touched by the message as well.  I actually have a lot of friends who want to make appointments.  Three of them already booked an appointment with you on February 1st. My sister and her daughter will also be calling you soon.  Thanks again for sharing your gift with others, you are a blessing and I am very grateful!
Janet, My mother really enjoyed talking with you yesterday. Thanks so much for what you do.  I think the reading and results will be a good start for her healing process. She won’t forget your session… ever.  She was blown away with the results of the session.
Hi Ms. Janet, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s reading for my mother, Diane and I.  We felt comforted by our loved ones messages especially my brothers. I am relieved to know he is at peace and having fun : ) It is especially enjoyable knowing there is life after death.   I am interested in attending some of your workshops that I saw online.  I hope you don’t mind a friend of mine may be emailing you in the future for a reading.  You were wonderful and really enjoyed my time with you. Something I will never forget. Thank you,
Dear Janet, Stephanie and I would like to thank you for our wonderful experience yesterday. I’ve listen to the recording again and cried then as well.  I can’t wait to share that with my sister. I look forward to visiting with my family that has passed and with you again in the not too distant future. Again, thank you,
Hi Janet I just want to thank you for this morning. I came away with a very good feeling.  Also to trust in the small things I have witnessed and experienced myself and I am NO WAY, not even close to being a medium. I just have always been interested in the life there after, never believing this was the end of the line.  I would like to take one of your courses but will not be able to take the one in October.  I hope I can make the next one!  Meanwhile I will read your web site.  You have been given a special gift and I wish you all the best!  Thanks for the Hug!
Janet, Great to meet with you as well.  We were even more excited about the time we spent with you when we had a moment to reflect.  Nic is very encouraged by what he learned at this meeting as well.
Hi Janet: You may or may not remember me.  I saw you in October and my Mother and my Uncle saw you in November and I bought a copy of your book, which I am currently enjoying.  I just wanted to write a note and say thanks, and I hope you are doing well.  I finally had time to listen to the tape of my Mother’s session.  I want you to know that much like my session, things that you said that we thought were wrong at the time of the session were actually right.  We discovered this while listening to the recordings and talking amongst ourselves.  We all enjoyed the sessions and it has greatly changed my perspective, as well as my Mother and Uncles perspectives.  Once again, I hope you are well and I will be contacting you when my 6 months are up to schedule another session.
Hi Janet, thanks for a wonderful conversation yesterday. I thoroughly enjoy learning from you and your connections for me as well as just you in general. I really like you as a person. Not just what you can do for me, but your energy, your sense of humor, etc. I hope to talk to you soon and truly hope that you have a wonderful holiday.

Testimonials for Seminars with Janet Cyford

My decision to participate in this group was prompted by many things. Encouragement from a mutual friend who has passed on inspired me to return as I have participated in group before and he said go back.

I have been looking for answers from within and the group provided me the setting and encouragement to dig deeper and have the strength to go within in spite of all the craziness going on around me to pay attention and tune into my own gift from spirit, which I had on some levels begun to doubt its existence and not listening at all.

This group has given me the perseverance to keep going in times of such adversity. It is a sacred space for the development and attunement of the self. I am by far not finished and intend to keep going with my development as I can see that it has been of help to myself and others that I share my gift of vision thru thoughts and words given to me by my guides. Learning in regard to the governing of self and one’s gift has really come thru loud and clear this time. The protection of “my sacred place/space and time” is of utmost importance and has become part of daily routine in how I go about conducting myself and doing things.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with you Janet.  The group is simple and basic yet teaches so much that is of great importance step by step. My life experiences have brought me back to you and what you teach about being guided by spirit and I am so thankful. This has opened many doors for me and will continue to do so.

Thank you.

Bette, November 2015

Hello Janet! I wanted to first tell you how much I enjoyed the class. You have a wonderful positive energy and a contagious smile!

I think what meant the most to me was something that you said about suicide. I know I shared with you that my 25 year old brother died from suicide. It was two years ago but it feels like yesterday because it was so devastating and the grief is so complicated. Anyway, like all survivors of suicide loss, I live with a tremendous amount of guilt. Especially because I am a psychiatric nurse whose job it is to save people from suicide, and I couldn’t even save my brother. You said something about suicide being a part of some people’s journey and learning. I felt a huge weight come off my shoulders. I thank you for that.

I wanted to see if you had any room in one of your weekday evening classes on an every other class basis. I know I need to pay for all the classes and I’m ok with that, I feel that this would be easier with a little one at home and the long hours that I work and to me it is worth the investment. If you don’t have room, could you please put me on a waiting list?

Carol Borrelli, RN , November 2015

Dear Janet,

Everything happens for a reason and I was supposed to take your class.  Another wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.

I am looking forward to sitting in group on Tuesday. Also,  I would like to get on your schedule for a reading.

Thank you.

K lance, November 2015

Your class provided me with a structure for what I’ve come to believe is a nightly visitation by a ‘muse’. The evolution of this relationship has taken place over years. Your book “The Ring of Chairs” and the class afforded me the opportunity to view these experiences through a different paradigm. I am so grate for the time and courage it took to place your life story and reflections on page and grateful for the mentorship.

Barbra, 2015

Dear Janet,
Sincere gratitude to you for you teaching, guidance and wisdom. I always knew I would meet someone like you, I just didn’t know when.
Thank you for your welcoming spirit and all you have already given me.
I look forward to learning more and more.
Thank you for opening the door.

Tina, 2015

As a “graduate” of Janet’s Seminar and a client of several Readings, I know that the integrity of Janet’s gift is solid; and, her generosity of spirit, compassion and availability are a great comfort to her clients. She is “the real thing” in Mediumship, has a sparkling sense of humor, is well-grounded by her family, writings and community services, and is a clear, valuable resource for anyone interested in connecting with loved ones who have passed on.

Ann P. June 2015