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Table of Contents

Introduction . . . Many people believe in the continuous existence of the Soul beyond this earthly life. Some have found convincing evidence of an afterlife

Those who have the ability to see Spirit, will find the following informative. It is written to educate others in the subtleties of Mediumship and Spirit communication. The focus of this book, centers on my personal experiences as a Spiritualist Medium, the Mediumship Development Group and its formation.

The Family Circle . . . Members of my family left London to avoid the constant bombing raids. They chose to evacuate to Ilfracombe, a small seaside town on the west coast of England. Spirit contact begins with a family member, during the Second World War in London, England.

Mediumship and The Medium . . . A Medium’s training takes place on all levels. Body, Mind and Spirit. There are still many misconceptions about the ability to speak with those in Spirit

A great deal is expected of the potential Medium . . . Self-discipline and self-mastery. Governing the sensitivity is essential. Communication is governed by Spiritual Laws that come into effect when a Medium reaches for a link with Spirit. Having the gift of Mediumship does not bestow instant spirituality, humility or honesty, these qualities must be cultivated. Mental imagery received by the Medium is created in thought by the Spirit contact.

Carrying On . . . From the top of the stairs, I saw my father lying in the hallway below.  

Overcome with curiosity, he lay listening at the door of the seance room. Turning to find me standing above him, he motioned me to be quiet and beckoned me down to join him. The close contact my father developed with his Chinese Guide, was evident in the change of his features whenever the Oriental was near. My presence in the home circle during the war, must have been for my safety. Although, this was never given as the reason.

Deep Trance Mediumship . . .The development of trance Mediumship needs suitable group members, and cooperation in both realities, for this to be successful. Care of the physical self is needed.

Trance Mediums are susceptible to diabetes and other endocrine malfunctions. A Spirit Guide uses the physical apparatus of the unconscious personality, rather than the attuned mind of the conscious clairvoyant. However, it is still a blending of energies, not as some Mediums believe, Spirit possession.

Early Beginnings . . How rare the gift of true Mediumship is . . . Its purpose . . . Cooperation with Spirit teachers and dedication to the process of development.

“There is no death,” was the message Spirit communicators wanted to impress upon us. Anxious to let their families know they were well, loved ones in Spirit gave verifiable evidence via the Medium. Modern Spiritualist movement sprang from the humble beginnings of the Fox sisters’ experiences in New York State. Widespread interest swept across America and Great Britain. Spiritualism was formed as a religion, to protect its Mediums and Healers from persecution and imprisonment.

Dying to Experience . . . How do people cope with the loss of a loved one without this understanding?

What continues to exist after the physical body dies? The injustices we do when rehashing the gruesome details of a person’s death. Fear of dying adds to our dread of growing old. In thought, we create our own reality, through religious dogma, many live in fear of what is beyond.

Dangerous Times. .Through the deep trance Mediumship of my aunt, Spirit promised our safety.

With the utmost trust in their promise the circle members met regularly throughout the war years even if there was an air raid! We survived those dangerous times and were saved from harm, in the relentless bombing raids. Spirit intervened again sometime before Nan had a close call with death.

Firm Foundations . . . They talked of the reality of life after death; and how intimately involved, the Spirit world is with our material one. One of my favourite subjects was conception! When did the Soul enter the physical shell? Was it at conception, quickening, or at the time of birth?

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism. . . The origin of these principles, given by Spirit through the Mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten, an American Medium.

1. The Fatherhood of God . . . Teachers from the world of Spirit, never define God as an authoritative figure dispensing reward or punishment, nor do they personify this energy of goodness.

2. The Brotherhood of Man . . . This is a brotherhood of humankind not of gender. It is a spiritual law that recognizes each human as being part of one another, irrespective of colour, race or creed.

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels . . . We are assisted at all times by a vast multitude of Souls in Spirit. Some assistance comes from higher levels of Soul existence where our sincere prayers are responded to by beings who have passed beyond the confines of personality and ego. Our personal communion with this world of Spirit is a natural phenomena.

4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul . . . Soul progression is open to everyone and the greater ‘Self” acknowledges its own mortality. On an intuitive level we know we have been, we are, and we shall always be. Ties of love transcend all levels of being and death does not sever these ties.

5. Personal Responsibility . . . Under spiritual law we are accountable for our thoughts, words and deeds. When the earthly personality takes personal responsibility for that, which it alone has put into motion, a great inner alignment forms. Along with an acceptance of this principle comes the understanding that human beings alone are responsible for the suffering experienced in this material life.

6. Compensation and Retribution for all good and evil deeds done on earth . . . The great spiritual Law of Cause and Effect is escaped by no one. Our thoughts, words and deeds follow us, until such time that the scales of compensation or retribution are balanced through love. This is the responsibility inherent in the gift of free will and the law is perfect.

7. Eternal Progress open to every Soul . . . In the eyes of Spirit, the accomplishments of the Soul are only learned through experience. On its pathway back to the Godforce, the Soul must use its free will to fashion the its self into a vehicle for the true expression of the spiritual self.

Eternal progress fulfills our earthly law of human rights. No sin is so great that a Soul is denied progression, but it must seek this for itself. No other can redeem us, neither can we be absolved for our own actions. Our motive measures the seriousness of personal transgression and through the law of love we can make amends. al progress fulfills our earthly law of human rights. Our motive measures the seriousness of personal transgression and through the Law of Love we can make amends.

The Rescue Circle . . . A family circle arranged by Spirit, for the special work of rescuing individuals trapped in their own thought creations. Two examples of some of this specialized work. The drug addict and the alcoholic. Giving a helping hand.

Spirit Guides . . . We further our own Soul growth when we turn back to help another. The wisdom and knowledge we have gained must be passed on.

Spiritual teachings, given by a Spirit Guide speaking through an entranced Medium. A Spirit companion may elect to guide us through a particular personal difficulty. The imprisoned splendour reveals more of it strength and we know we have passed an emotional initiation, when the inner spiritual self tells us “you will survive.” The work of Silver Birch and White Eagle. Examples of spiritual teachers who walked on the earth plane.

Exotic Guides . . . Ancient wisdom from ancient cultures. The ease of Spirit contact in China. North American Indians and the warriorship of the Soul.

Geometric shapes reveal an Egyptian influence. Information comes in other ways. With synchronicity? No, with Spirit orchestration.

The Blackfoot Indian . . . Guides have played an important part in my life. Through chance conversation with strangers,

I have been led to people whose spiritual gifts enhanced my life. One of these connections brought me into the Spirit presence of a Blackfoot Indian, who became my greatest teacher.

Spirit Guidance . . . My Grandmother, Nan returns to tell us, “One of the babies is a girl.” Guidance as the twins grew in safety, watched over by their own Guides. David and his whistling grandmother

Guided Development . . .Joining a group for Mediumistic development in my late twenties. The Greek aspect of Atheon. A love for allegory and symbolism. First public lecture. Stage fright has never left me, although it is now easier to govern.

Forewarning . . . Spirit Guides have often forewarned me of difficulties ahead. Never with specific detail, but with words of wisdom that prepared me in advance. My father gives a birth date.

Personal Experiences . . . My Spirit colleagues have never asked or expected me to lay aside, my free will. They taught me it is God’s gift to humankind.

Our purpose is to exercise our free will, until we can voluntarily surrender it to the will of God. We are free to willingly work with Spirit, or to experience our lives, in a different way. Personal experiences taught me to protect the awareness, shielding it from extraneous thoughts an the influence of occult powers.

Time for Real Love . . . The partnership every Medium wishes for . . . Foreseen by my aunt on the last occasion we were together. A transatlantic courtship and romance. The power of Spirit brings two people together.

In America . . .Beginning my work for Spirit in America. What I found in the New Age Psychic scene . . . No evidence of Spirit communication  

past life regression was en vogue. Fortune telling and extraterrestrials filled the talk shows. Adjustment by Spirit for early readings. Development groups formed from Workshops and Seminars.

Special Moments . . . Spirit voices record on tape. . . A mother returns to comfort her daughter. . . Trapped in a well . . . Healthy Ivy. Tell my mother I am okay. Examples of very special moments in the company of Spirit.

The Kingdom of Animals . . . Animals do have Souls and the pets we love await us in the spirit world just as our human loved ones do. Personal experiences of pets returning to let us know they are well and still close to us.

The Private Sitting . . . A private sitting with a professional Medium is an excellent introduction to Mediumship . . . personal recommendations of the Medium’s work are the best form of advertising.

Each sitting is an experiment in mind to mind attunement with Spirit. Information comes from Spirit . . . Not the sitter’s mind. Sitters are asked not to give information to the Medium . . . This interferes with the process of Spirit communication. They are also advised there are no guarantees as to who will give evidence of themselves. A sitter can ruin a private session with their fixed expectations.

Public Mediumship . . . Public demonstrations of Mediumship depend, for success, upon the atmosphere of the premises. Conditions are difficult to work in if the premises have recently held other social events

. . . Spirit workers are helped by a positive, open-minded attitude from the audience or church congregation . . . and hindered by audience members who hold strongly opposing opinions. A televised demonstration of Mediumship, if fettered by a lack of harmony . . . is bound to be poor.

As a Spiritualist Medium . . . Many Spirit companions contributed to my spiritual unfoldment and training as a Spiritualist Medium. They taught me the importance of an inner life and revealed the vast potential inherent in our consciousness.

My credentials come from Spirit, I am employed by them. I speak with authority that comes from a deep inner knowledge of the world of Spirit and a realization of the human Soul’s continuous existence. Our spiritual self is stirred when we begin an inner journey of self discovery, seeking answers only found within. Direct personal experience of this spark of Divinity is sought by many Souls inhabiting the earthplane today.

The Ring of Chairs . . . Members of a development group, sit in a circle of chairs in the seance room. Circle group work, is the foundation upon which Spiritual Unfoldment and Mediumship stand.

The purpose of Mediumship and Spirit contact. True Mediumship cannot be developed alone, nor learned by attending lectures or reading do-it-yourself books. Many potentially gifted Mediums are content with little training and settle for fortune telling. A renewed interest in sitting for further development, in the safety of the group circle, would educate and raise the standard of Mediumship beyond the New Age fringe of psychic channelers. Mediumship is not for the unsteady of mind or the overblown ego.

Forming a Development Circle . . . Practical advice for forming a group for Spiritual Unfoldment and Mediumistic Development . . .  the Group Leader, Aims and Intentions of the group.

Centering in the Spiritual Self. Prayer to open the awareness. Healing exercises, personal and Absent Healing. Healing groups. Expanding the Consciousness. Conscious Journeying. All in the Telling. Preparing New Groupies. Clairvoyance, The Art of “Seeing.” clairvoyantly. Closing and Protecting the Sensitivity.

The Student . . . Determining the suitability of a new student . . . Their motives for seeking this type of unfoldment. Can they follow directions from the group leader . . . are they willing to.

Regular attendance, commitment to their personal development. This work is nondenominational . . . Spirit teaching embraces all faiths. The Psychic who tells fortunes has difficulties fitting into this type of discipline . . . So does the one who believes they have a special mission. The talkative wordy student . . . respecting a rule of confidentiality. Difficult conditions for Spirit to work in . . . when atmosphere is heavy with criticism.

Self Mastery and the Student . . . Finding a sensible method of development. Without like-minded companions for support, it can be dangerous. The Law of Attraction draws others to us.

Ask God for help. Seek Spirit guidance, Soul and spiritual unfoldment along with Mediumistic development. Avoid cluttering the mind with various psychic subjects, the individual who specializes develops quicker than the one spread too thinly over many subjects. Learn to ‘know thy self’ and take personal responsibility for all of your actions. An abuse of drugs or alcohol damages the protective web and addicts are excluded from this development.

Drugs and Medication . . . When an expansion of consciousness is induced by drugs or alcohol, it is uncontrollable. With repeated use the protective web shielding the awareness wears thin.

Drug induced trips are filled with thought-forms, created from the fears, desires and fantasies of our collective minds. Addicts expose themselves to danger on levels they do not believe exist. Under the Law of Attraction, like-minded discarnate Souls link with the physical energy of the addict or alcoholic. These entities have not yet overcome their desire to drink or use drugs and by association they experience this through another. The one still in the physical self is encouraged to feed their habitual need and the needs of those now attached to his or her energy.

Extended – Sensory Perception . . . A natural ability of the human mind . . . Some individuals absorb strong thoughts from companions and stray thoughts from passers by.

When in an altered state our senses are superior to the faculties used by the every day mind . . . They may speak to us in signs and symbols.

The Aura a Field of Sensitivity . . . An Auric energy surrounds all forms of life . . . It can be seen or sensed clairvoyantly.

Health conditions reflect in colours in the Aura. The Soul and its struggle to express the Spiritual Self shows in our “Coat of many Colours.” Some Mediums can read the Auric energy. Using Kirlian photography the Aura has been filmed.

Psychometry . . . The art of divining information about people or events associated with an inanimate object . . . by touching or being near, a sensitive can receive impressions from an article and access its history.

Its is a valuable tool for the developing Medium for it hones the awareness to receive pictorial images. Psychometry is Soul sensing.

Past Life Regression . . . Potential and practicing Mediums should avoid the dangers of hypnotism and past life regression.

Permanent damage done to the very carefully prepared field of sensitivity, by forced intrusion through the protective web surrounding the aura. What is tapped in regression. Spirit pranksters or previous personalities.

Spiritual Healing . . . A rare form of Mediumship for the Spiritual Healer must be free from strong ego and desire for self-promotion.

Healing power comes from God . . . it is not created by man. In its physical manifestation, it is the life force. No promises to cure, but strength and courage, can be asked for all who suffer.

Spiritual Healers . . .Family members join The National Federation of Spiritual Healers. Their experiences of healing practices. Earlier experiences of personal training in Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Unfoldment . . . Spiritual unfoldment must accompany the development of Mediumship. It is a blossoming of the inner self and an integration of all levels of our being.

The light of the Soul shines through when the earthly personality is disciplined with self mastery.

Power of the Spirit . . . Every living thing holds a spark of the Great Spirit. By disregarding this knowledge, the human race has fettered itself with a retribution that is difficult to overcome.

Many spiritual teachers have explained this truth . . . but the spiritual laws they taught were too simple to be accepted. If we allow the Divinity within to direct our thoughts and actions we are in tune with the infinite. We experience its power in a growing confidence and new attitudes.

Creativity . . . The power and ability to actualize inspiration received from the seat of all creativity, the God force.

Creativity is a vehicle for our imagination. We create our own reality here on earth with the power of our thoughts and in thought we create what is before us in the afterlife. Mediumship is a cultivated gift of the indwelling Soul. A mystical art form originating from the same creativity energy that inspires all artistic endeavours.

The Prayerful Life . . . Prayerfulness is a state of mind that responds to the spirituality within each living thing.

It is not achieved through many hours in prayer or by perfect attendance in church . . . It is created with unconditional love and acceptance of others strengths and frailties. A natural state of prayerfulness is found in the child who is loved and accepted for its uniqueness. Joy for life is paralyzed through the crippling effects of child abuse and the natural ability to lead a prayerful life is denied.

Symbology . . . The Spiritual Self speaks to us in symbols.

In an effort to remind us of our Soul’s need for creative expression, symbols, ancient and universal, rise to the stilled surface of our mind. They are a link between Spirit and matter. Some examples of symbolism in fairy tale and myth and a personal experience of Spirit’s preparation for a new journey.