My 2015 Fall Seminar begins on Saturday October 3rd.  As I prepare for the arrival of new students I am reminded of how important the first lesson of the seminar is to those wishing to develop their mediumship.

The Inner Journey is the first step in my teachings as it is the beginning of our journey towards our Spiritual Self.

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Your class provided me with a structure for what I’ve come to believe is a nightly visitation by a ‘muse’. The evolution of this relationship has taken place over years. Your book “The Ring of Chairs” and the class afforded me the opportunity to view these experiences through a different paradigm. I am so grate for the time and courage it took to place your life story and reflections on page and grateful for the mentorship.
Dear Janet,
Sincere gratitude to you for you teaching, guidance and wisdom. I always knew I would meet someone like you, I just didn’t know when.
Thank you for your welcoming spirit and all you have already given me.
I look forward to learning more and more.
Thank you for opening the door.
As a “graduate” of Janet’s Seminar and a client of several Readings, I know that the integrity of Janet’s gift is solid; and, her generosity of spirit, compassion and availability are a great comfort to her clients. She is “the real thing” in Mediumship, has a sparkling sense of humor, is well-grounded by her family, writings and community services, and is a clear, valuable resource for anyone interested in connecting with loved ones who have passed on.
Ann P. June 2015

The Inner Journey

If we are truly sincere in working with Spirit, we must choose the path of attunement to those teachers and Guides waiting patiently for our awakening. Without attunement, we get no where fast. Many ask for advice on how to forge a stronger link with Spirit by sitting alone. With no access to development circle groups, they are unwilling to try psychic exercises found in modern ‘how to’ books.

With this very real problem in mind, I offer the method I use in each of my Home Circle groups. It is important to accept the attunement needed for Spirit contact is very different to any method of meditation. We need to be consciously aware of our thoughts and visions. Instead of straining to quieten the mind, we strive to alert the mirror of the mind, so it can reflect and receive all that Spirit places upon it.

If your goal is to forge strong links, an appointment must be made with Spirit at a regular time of your choosing. They await your presence, so do not be tardy in keeping this appointed time. Using the same space in which to work is also useful, as an energy will collect in your quiet, uninterrupted place.

Begin by drawing peaceful energy into your field of sensitivity. This will calm the aura that surrounds you. In our busy, hectic, and sometimes stressful lives our energy fields reflect the chaos we create. When you feel relaxed begin your inner journey. Find yourself before the doors of your inner sanctum. At your approach, the doors open in welcome. Several steps take you to the threshold, and as you step across there is a raise in consciousness. Until now, you have been aware of your physical body and how it is clothed; now you become aware of your Spiritual Self and the simple robe it wears.

Remember you are stepping onto your own sacred ground, and experiencing the coolness of the pavement under your bare feet. You have come into the presence of the Divine Guest. That spark of divine light that every living thing holds. It is the light of the Soul, the spark of God the Great Spirit that has accompanied your Soul throughout its many experiences. It needs to be stirred into manifestation, to be acknowledged by remembering that we are all Spirit.

Moving to its light a great power embraces you in unconditional love. Without judgment it assures you all is well, for the Divine hand is in all things, and you will not be left comfortless. It knows of the Soul’s longing for a spiritual pathway, and understands your struggle to overcome the dictates of the personality. It has waited patiently for you to turn within where all answers can be found. This spark of Divinity has watched over you while you searched outwardly for meaning and purpose. You have now found your way within and invited the Divine guest to manifest in your life. You have awakened the Spiritual Self and found a safe haven where you can meet.

With regular attunement to your inner temple, you meet with Spirit teacher’s who eagerly await your spiritual unfoldment. It is of the utmost importance to withdraw from your inner journey by reversing and retracing your steps. As you leave your inner temple the focus of your awareness moves from your temple robe to your physical robe, and the doors of your temple are closed by unseen hands.

It is unnecessary to remain for lengthy periods in this exercise. Treat the journey with respect for you are discovering and getting to know the ‘Self’. Spirit’s first requirement.

Copyright Janet Cyford