Janet Cyford
A Traditional British Spiritualist Medium

The Development of Mediumship, Spiritual Unfoldment and the Formation of The Home Circle

2019 Fall Seminar October/November


Six Saturday mornings – October 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th. November 2nd, 9th, at 11 am to 12.30 pm

Subjects Include:

♦ The Mechanics of Mediumship and the Spirit inspired method used in the
safety of the circle development group.

♦ Learn the difference between Meditation and the Attunement needed for Spirit Contact.
♦ Governing the sensitivity which comes with altered states of awareness.
♦ Cooperating with Spirit coworkers and being trained by them.
♦ Laying aside previous understanding to incorporate further Spiritual Unfoldment.
♦ Experiencing symbolism as the Royal Road to Spiritual development.

The cost of this intensive course is $300. Seating is limited so apply ASAP.
Application Form.

A non returnable deposit of $50 is require to secure a place.

Seminar participants are required to purchase a copy of The Ring of Chairs – The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium by Janet Cyford from Amazon, Amazon Kindle or a signed copy Direct from the Author.

Students meet at the home of Janet Cyford in North East Baltimore each Saturday morning.

Each week we will cover subjects that add another facet to the method used by Spirit for our development.

Come to learn new ideas from Janet Cyford’s intensive course. Do not join to teach or impress others with your previous experiences.

The Inner Journey.  Discovering the Spiritual Self.  Access the inner power available as you invite the Divine Guest within to manifest in your lives.
Opening and closing the group with prayer. Discover the difference between Meditation and the Attunement needed for Spirit contact. Develop the ability to open and close your awareness at will. The Upper Room.
Spiritual Healing. Absent Healing. Attune to the Healing Power that is available to all.
Conscious Journeying. Forge a stronger link with Spirit. Seeing, Feeling, Sensing.
Completing the whole system for forming or joining a Home Circle for your continuing development.
Discussion, questions and answers.

Past Seminar Recordings are available on Digital Audio Download.

The Inner Journey

September 13th, 2015|0 Comments

If we are truly sincere in working with Spirit, we must choose the path of attunement to those teachers and Guides waiting patiently for our awakening.

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