Recommended Reading

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The New Mediumship . . . by Grace Cook.

Guide for the Development of Mediumship . . . by Harry Edwards.

Inevitable Journey . . . by Donald Galloway.

Voices in the Dark . . . by Leslie Flint.

Spiritual Healing:

The Gift of Healing. . . by Ambrose & Olga Worral 

Explore your Psychic World . . . by Ambrose & Olga Worral

Miracles Healers . . . by Ambrose & Olga Worral 

Journey to Awareness . . . Jane Uhlig

Born to Heal . . . by Paul Miller (a biography of Harry Edwards)

Harry Edwards the Healer . . . by Paul Miller

The Science of Spirit Healing . . . by Harry Edwards

A Guide to Spirit Healing . . . by Harry Edwards

The Way of Spirit Healing . . . by Harry Edwards

The Healing Intelligence . . . by Harry Edwards

A Guide to the Understanding & Practice of Spiritual Healing. by Harry Edwards


The History of Spiritualism . . . by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The University Of Spiritualism . . . by Harry Boddington

On the Edge of the Etheric . . .by Arthur Findley


The Path of the Soul . . .by White Eagle

Spiritual Unfoldment 1 & 11 . . . by White Eagle

The Gentle Brother . . . by White Eagle

Prayer in the New Age . . . by White Eagle

Teachings of Silver Birch . . . Edited by A.W. Austen

Silver Birch Anthology . . . Edited by William Naylor

In Tune With The Infinite . . .by William Naylor

Accounts of Life in Spirit:

The Blue Island . . .by W.T.Stead (Died on the Titanic)

Life in Spirit . . . By Harry Edwards

Testimony of Light . . . By Helen Greaves

The Challenging Light . . . By Helen Greaves

The Return of Arthur Conan Doyle . . . by Ivan Cooke

The River of Life by Marilyn Awtry

Living in the Light by Marilyn Awtry

Light from beyond the Tomb by Marilyn Awtry


Q&A: Can Spirit Tell Us What To Do?

Welcome to Lets Start a Conversation with a Medium where, I Janet Cyford, get to answer questions you have sent by email or posted on the HomeCircles Facebook page.

Most Common Questions and Answers about My Seminar

This upcoming Fall marks the sixteenth year I have held my seminar since moving to America. I get many questions from people about the lessons I teach and what attending the seminar would do for them.

2016 A Year of Completion

Did you make New Year resolutions to begin on January 1st? A smarter idea may have been to use the month of January mulling over your decisions. The planet Mercury, which went retrograde on Tuesday, January 5th in Aquarius, no doubt had you rethinking your grand ideas.

The Inner Journey

If we are truly sincere in working with Spirit, we must choose the path of attunement to those teachers and Guides waiting patiently for our awakening.

Interview with a Medium

Between the growing popularity of television's John Edwards and Center Stage's production of Blithe Spirit, "The Next Stage" decided to get the straight talk on what Mediums do from Janet Cyford.

Spiritual Healers

A Spiritual Healer is a conduit for the healing energies. It is a rare form of Mediumship for the healer must be free from strong ego, the desire for self promotion and have reach a degree of self mastery.

Spiritual Healing

To stand in the stream of consciousness called the Healing Power is to be experienced . . . rather than explained.

Gift Certificate for a Private Session

Seminar Excerpts