All Mediums are psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums.

Psychic awareness is an ability of the Soul to perceive and sense frequencies beyond our normal sight.It is mostly referred to as extra sensory perception, when in fact it is an extension of all the senses.

There is a very real difference in the way a Spirit trained Medium uses their psychic awareness and the way a Psychic uses theirs. The Medium is trained to raise their consciousness and attune their awareness to a Spirit communicator. They act as the physical ‘medium’ through which a communication takes place. A radio receiver or a telephone which receives, unscrambles and repeats the strong thought placed upon their heightened, attuned awareness.

The clarity of the communication depends upon the Medium’s ability to tune into a higher frequency than the everyday conscious mind uses. The practising Psychic’s information is gleaned from the field of energy surrounding the person consulting them.

By attunement and rapport with their client an amazingly accurate account of a persons history can be given. Unfortunately, the client’s present hopes, fears and wishes are also touched upon and often interpreted, by the psychic, as future events.

When psychic development is not accompanied by the corresponding spiritual unfoldment sensitives remain at the fortune telling level. One who works upon a purely psychic level is not dependent upon Spirit training neither do they seek Spirit cooperation.

Many psychic’s do not accept Spirit communication as a fact or possibility. Some believe they are helped by extraterrestials and feel more comfortable with this belief.

Psychometry is the ability to attune to the past history of an article. Used correctly psychometry is a valuable tool with which to hone the psychic abilities. By using an article of clothing or jewellery as a focal point, the experienced psychic can receive mental imagery via their attunement.

With constant practice, deeper layers of information can be reached. Psychometry can be a avenue though which Spirit Guides make their presence known to the sensitive. If the Psychic is willing to cooperate with these Spirit coworkers mediumistic training can then begin.

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