The Ring of Chairs – The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium – By Janet Cyford – SIGNED BY AUTHOR

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The Ring of Chairs – The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium, tells of the experiences of Janet Cyford a British Spiritualist Medium. The book is an account of her life long development as a Spiritualist Medium. Her training by Spirit teachers, and her continuing work for God the Great Spirit.  Signed by Author.



ISBN 9781505653625
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A “must read” book for seekers of enlightenment
Janet Cyford’s book on Mediumship is excellent. She gives the reader an insightful look into the process of communicating with Spirit and shares her journey with thoughtfulness and skill. I would highly recommend this book.

Suzy F.

This is an amazing book from Janet’s wonderful talent of Mediumship. If you want a better understanding, read this book. This is one of those books where you read something and put it down and think about what she has said. This book provides a very interesting description with recalled experiences to help you better understand not only Mediumship but how Spirit can give guidance to each of us. Janet, write another – please! Suggestion for next book: Help us believe in our inner self to fight our egos to follow our correct paths? Thank you!

By Linda Masters - May 1, 2014
This book is extremely valuable for anyone who wants to understand and learn what mediumship is truly about, without the nonsense. This is a wonderfully down to earth look at the life of people, like the author, who were raised from childhood knowing the other side is right here with us and a perfectly natural part of our relationships. The author’s discussion of mediumship development and forming and conducting a development circle are important for anyone who is seriously drawn to this type of work. This book is on my personal list of top ten favorite books!
ANON - December 31, 2013
This book is absolutely outstanding. I bought mine from Janet Cyford herself after a consultation. Everything in her book is exactly as she preaches. Her work comes straight out of the book and is extremely helpful for developing a circle group. I can’t read any other ‘spiritual’ or ‘medium’ stories because they don’t stack up to this one. She has real stories from her life and examples we should all follow. I HIGHLY recommend this book if you are interested in the subject or if you need an interesting easy read.
Sonja33 - October 8, 2013
Like talking with an old friend
This book and author reminded me of the way I grew up… many of the experiences she describes happened in our home, too. I am recommending this book to everyone I know.

M Donaldon - April 22, 2013

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