mediumship is the ability to sense and attune to finer Spirit vibrations, unseen by the less sensitive personality. It is a mystical art form, which originates from the same creative source that inspires all artistic endeavours.

It is a sensitivity to finer vibrations that requires cultivation and tutoring. When governed by self mastery it becomes an expression of the intuitive faculty inherent in us all. If trained to reach for and work in close cooperation with Spirit Guides, the sensitivity becomes a vehicle for the work of Spirit and evidence of the human Soul’s survival beyond this physical life can be demonstrated by the practicing Medium.

Mediumship is an attribute of the Soul, and a gift of the indwelling Spirit, but its development is not for everyone. Training for every type of Mediumship takes place on many levels. The physical body must be strong enough to support the heighten nervous system, and the present personality, emotional and mental selves, should be disciplined by the individual’s self mastery.

There are many types of Mediumship and many different kinds of Mediums.

A Medium learns to raise their consciousness beyond the confines of their rational, analytical mind. This allows the senses to extend and attune to frequencies that are unavailable to the materialistically focused awareness.

A Medium working in close cooperation with their Spirit coworkers, can in suitable conditions, bring verifiable evidence of the continuing existence of a loved one no longer in the physical body. This is one of the purposes of Spirit contact and the task that lies before the dedicated, consciously cooperating, Medium is to relay this communication to the best of their ability.

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