Doris Collins

Doris was a young medium who my family knew when I was growing up. She often served our Spiritualist Church as a visiting medium. Later in life when I joined the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums I worked with Doris and many others as a committee member of the Institutes Board. At different times in my life Doris gave me uplifting advice from spirit. I attended the “Psychic News” annual black tie dinner when she was accompanied by Peter Sellers who was the after dinner speaker.

Gordon Higginson

Gordon often appeared at the Arthur Findley College in Stansted with demonstration of wonderful clairvoyance in the Sanctury and Physical Mediumship demonstrations in the library. I lived, during my thirties, in Great Dunmow a small country town a few miles away, and spent many happy hours visiting and working at the college. I cannot claim him as a personal friend, but . . . he did ask me to dance with him at a Psychic News dinner.

Ivy Northage

My mother, Irene Chapman, was friends with Ivy and Ivy served our Colleridge Road Spiritualist church for many years. Ivy was one of very few mediums who trained potential mediums in her “School for Mediums.” She understood the mechanics of her mediumship and passed this teaching on to fledgling mediums preparing them for public work, and therefore, raising the standard of presentation.

Maurice Barbanell

Was the editor of the Psychic News a publication for the Spiritualist movement. He was a deep trance medium whose control ‘Silver Birch’ spoke through him in the Hannen Swaffer Fleet Street circle. The teaching of Silver Birch are recommended reading for all who choose the path of spiritual unfoldment.

Harry Edwards

His life’s work as a spiritual healer fills many wonderful books and should be read by all potential healers. His demonstrations filled the largest public halls in London and throughout Great Britain. My mother, father and aunt were members of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and worked with Harry Edwards. His healing work was free from magnetic passes, flicking hands, and Reiki training. His guides preferring simple hands on techniques. He maintained that the healing power was quickly received by the patient, and each healer must be able to attune to the source of the healing energy, and to conduct themselves free from drama and with personal dignity.

Eileen Roberts

Eileen served our church and I witnessed her gift many times in my teens. In my late twenties I joined the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums and worked closely with Eileen for many years until I moved to the USA to marry my American husband. Her teaching of the mechanics of mediumship forms the basics of my work tpday.

Joan Clayton

Joan, a friend, mentor, and fellow ISM Medium died suddenly in 1983 the day after I heard my deceased mother say, tell Joan she is moving to a new vibration. To this, Joan in her happy go lucky way said “Oh I knew my work changing.” Neither of us saw this as a prediction of her death. Joan and I were Masonic brothers, members of “Le Droit Humane”International Co-Freemasonry. Losing her was a great shock to me. Her mediumistic gift was rare, as she claimed to never see or hear spirit. She was a clairsentient who gave astounding evidence with full descriptions of spirit communicators she couldn’t see. Our friend and colleague Eileen Roberts rung to tell me of Joan’s death. As I replaced the telephone receiver Joan appeared in my kitchen, and I asked, “Is that you Joan?” She replied, “You’re the one who sees and hears.” Her snappy reply was all the proof I needed.

Don Galloway

Founder of Lynwood Fellowship.  In the 1980’s Don Galloway’s “Youth Weekends” at the Arthur Findley College at Stansted, UK were a joy to attend. A gifted medium and teacher, Don and his team provide a residential weekend full of lectures and workshops suited to fledgling mediums and students of spiritual unfoldment.

Estelle Roberts

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to see this wonderful Medium I include a link to her information as an exceptional deep trance Medium of that era.

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