I am a Spiritualist Medium whose work is to give evidence of life after death and comfort the bereaved. I would ask only those who wish for Spirit contact make use of this offer.
If you are looking for prediction of future events, past life information or regression, I cannot help you.

What is a Private Session with a Spiritualist Medium?

It is a schedule appointment with a professional Spiritualist Medium, for the purpose of receiving Spirit communication.  It is a prearranged time during which the Medium uses their specially trained abilities to connect with your loved ones in Spirit.

Why do people seek contact with the Spirit Reality?

Many seek proof of a loved one’s existence beyond physical death.  Contact brings reassurance of their new state of being and comforts those left behind who are often overwhelmed with grief.

What is expected from the Client?

To arrive on time for the prearranged appointment. Having an open, inquiring mind that is free from skepticism and suspicion.  Accepting the event as an experiment in Spirit communication by carefully weighing the communication in the light of their own discernment.

What can be expected from the Medium?

A professional approach to their work which starts on time and fulfills its promise. A short explanation of the type of Mediumship to be presented and the manner in which the information is received by the Medium.  Information from a Spirit contact must be relayed by the Medium as it is given, free from the Medium’s personal interpretation.

Can the Private Reading be tape-recorded?

Permission must be asked before the Private Session.  Some Medium’s encourage taping. This gives the client a record of the event which usually contains a great deal of information.

Does the Client need to give personal information?

No this is not required.   Personal information is discouraged and should not be given when making an appointment or during the session.  It is however, reasonable to be asked for your christian name when making an appointment. Then the Medium will know who they are inviting into their home.

Will there be future events foretold?

If the Medium’s gift is genuine, there will only be communication from loved ones in Spirit who are connected to you. They are aware of current events in your lives but cannot see the path ahead of you. Someone’s impending death is never revealed to the Medium.

When should I respond to the Medium?

If you recognize the communicator by the information given by the Medium. Or if you do not recognize who is being described.  In both instances reply with a simple yes or no. A Spirit communicator will respond to the sound of your voice, so do not just nod your head.

Should I expect the Medium to give the name of the communicator?

Do not dismiss the evidence you receive if you are not given a name.  Many Mediums do not receive names but a strong description or characterization will be evidential.

Should the Client be charged for a session?

Are you paid for the work you do?   Of course!   Spirit does not award the Medium diplomas to hang on their wall. Nevertheless, their training has been extensive and their time must be paid for.

Can the communication be spoiled by the Client’s attitude?

Yes, indeed. If they wish to only hear from one person and will not accept communication from other family members. When they only want certain facts to be spoken of. When the sitter is overly skeptical and wishes to investigate the Medium by insisting on evidence previously decided by them.

How can the Client help the session to be a pleasant and fulfilling one?

By being pleasant and friendly.  This creates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for Spirit and Medium to work in, one that is free from the burden of a “prove it to me attitude.”

To arrange a Private Session with Janet Cyford email JCMedsp@aol.com
and suggest dates that you are available.