“To stand in the stream of consciousness called the Healing Power
is to be experienced . . . rather than explained.”

There is a power, which comes from the Great Spirit that fills each living thing. In its physical manifestation, it is the life force within each one of us. This power, called the healing energy, is available to all who can attune to it. In the silence of yourself ask the Great Spirit to replenish you with the power of the healing energy. A state of well being may be regained with the help of Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Healing does not need the vehicle of special training in Reiki, Mariel, or Therapeutic Touch. It is not dependent on any of these methods. It does, however, need the ability to attune to the Healing Power.

Disease is a condition of in-balance and is often caused by being at variance with our ‘selves’ The various ‘bodies’ that form the total ‘Self’ must move into alignment before balance can be restored. Spiritual Healing can assist our return to good health as the body’s intelligence responds to the healing energy.

Spiritual Healing must not be viewed as a substitute for medical attention. It works in conjunction with and not against a physician advice.