A Spiritual Healer is a conduit for the healing energies. It is a rare form of Mediumship for the healer must be free from strong ego, the desire for self promotion and have reach a degree of self mastery.

The strongest healers are those individuals who refrain from adding unnecessary movements, passes and complicated theories to their healing work. They cooperate with and allow their gift to be guided by Spirit. Therefore, there must be strong and willing bonds forged between the Healer and their Guides and co-workers in Spirit.

Very often this is understood only within the deeper levels of the healer’s consciousness. They are content to simply lay their hands on another, in a sincere effort to bring relief from pain and suffering.

A detailed explanation of the mechanics of healing is not required by them for they know, through experience, of its ultimate source.

A Spiritual Healer must have an awareness of the responsibility involved in being a healer, and not allow their personal desire to supersede those of the Spirit Helpers.  Promises to ‘cure’ do not fall within the Spiritual Laws governing this work. No one, regardless of their Spiritual Gifts, may interfere with the Soul growth and progression of another, instead the Gift of Healing may be used to help and strengthen another’s ‘will’ to recover.

The personal energy of the healer is not used by Spirit, neither is it drawn from the earth or other living things. The Healing Power comes from God and is directed through the earthly healer, by Spirit operators who adjust the energy flow and its frequency to the needs of each person seeking healing.