Following the success of my first book, The Ring of Chairs – The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium which deals with the development of Mediumship, and the formation of a home or church circle I am proud to presents my new book, Conversations with a Medium.

Conversations with a Medium by Janet Cyford is a compilation of newsletters written between 2000 and 2016, published articles, and feedback from clients.

Chapters inspired by Spirit, include advice on personal development, grief, absent healing, crisis and tragedies, and many other subjects. The format is arranged A. to Z.

Janet Cyford is a traditional British Spiritualist Medium, trained in the Spiritualist Movement of Great Britain, she has worked as a Medium since her early twenties. Using a sane and sensible approach through Private Sessions, Mediumship Development Groups and Seminars she has provided countless people with evidence of the survival of the Soul, and established a method for passing on the spiritual truths gleaned from a lifetime of experience.

Reviews for Conversations With A Medium.

This is everything that you need to read in just one book. Janet is an amazing medium that I have known and seen for years now. From being up-close and personal with my friend, I can assure you that both this book and “The Ring of Chairs” are true and accurate to heart. When she put this book together, I remember Janet showing our homecircle the cover for the book. It was a large piece of canvas with two chinese men on it. It holds a huge meaning behind it for people in her homecircles.

I have recieved this book today and I am already half way through reading it! The questions asked by other individuals are common and interesting, and her answers are comforting and precise. I love her sense of humor and conversations from the past. She writes not only about questions and answers, but covers the same material in The Ring of Chairs. The importance of meditation, how to control your energy and ability to see spirit, and especially, dicipline.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is spiritually aware or not. It is a great read! Like I said, the book is true, and well, she’s amazing at her “job”! Her work and guidance has taken me so far in life. I think of spirit everyday and thank them for bringing her into my life! When you read this book, you will see exactly what I and many others have been through by working with her.


The only book you'll ever need to read By Sonja33 on July 25, 2016
Janet is an awesome teacher and Medium, engaging, funny and wise, delightful in her Circles, and the “Real Deal.” How fortunate are we to have found her, her gifts, insights, understanding, gentle compassion and wit.!!!

Janet Cyford’s wisdom and insights into the inner journey necessary to explore mediumship is useful not only in connecting with Spirit but also with our inner Spiritual self.

Wit and Wisdom By A. Hurleypalmer on August 1, 2016
I am both humbled and honored to be the first to review this magnificent book. Janet Cyford’s wisdom and insights into the inner journey necessary to explore mediumship is useful not only in connecting with those whom we love and grieve, but also in connecting with our Higher Power. Her teachings on attunement are most useful, and have blessed me tremendously as I regularly seek to attune to my Higher Power/God. I have seen tremendous change in my life since practicing these strategies, and the book helps break down the components in a user-friendly format. Janet’s book is fascinating, and hard to put down. Her stories, newsletter tidbits, correspondences, etc. are most interesting. She has a great respect for all religions, races, and people of differing walks of life, and this shines through in her book. Finally, her chapter Forty Nine, on the subject of suicide, IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ for any survivor of suicide loss. As a fellow survivor, my sisters and I were greatly blessed and comforted by this chapter, which dispels the superstitions and myths surrounding suicide, and instead points toward hope for all concerned. As my sister said, upon reading it “wow- just wow!!!!”. I thank God for this book!
By Carol Borrelli on June 28, 2016
Beautifully written & easy to understand.
So greatful to you Janet for sharing your knowledge.
A new way to pray, and such a relief !
Thank you for all you do ! ❤️
A book for all! By Eric Wolters on August 18, 2016

An excellent book that I found difficult to put down, I completed reading it in two days.
Janet Cyford writes with sincerity, simplicity and a passion for Spirit.  Her insight and knowledge is captivating.
For those who have read Janet’s first book ‘The Ring of Chairs’ you will not be disappointed.  ‘Conversations with a Medium’ deserves a place beside it on your bookshelf.  Janet’s work never fails to impress.
I hope we will have book number 3 in the not so distant future.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Robert Collier-Jameson June 4, 2017