2016 A Year of Completion

My 2015 Fall Seminar was a great success with 17 women attending. The harmony, essential to this work, built rapidly and by the sixth week everyone had new friends.

Make a visit to my website to read feedback from 2015 attendees, and tell your friends dates for 2016 Spring Seminar are available.   While you are there add your email address to my mailing list at MailChimp.

If you follow numerology you will know that 2016 is a 9 year  (2+1+6 = 9 or 20+16 =36/9) when all must be completed leaving us free and ready for 2017 a 1 year – a new beginning.

Did you make New Year resolutions to begin on January 1st?

A smarter idea may have been to use the month of January mulling over your decisions. The planet Mercury, which went retrograde on Tuesday, January 5th in Aquarius, no doubt had you rethinking your grand ideas.

Mercury moved back into the more stable Capricorn, ruled by the task master Saturn.  This gives us a chance to revisit the things we have left undone, or were not taking into consideration in our rush to move forward into the New Year.

Today, in its retrograde motion Mercury sits on Pluto in Capricorn revealing the dark side, the underbelly of issues we don’t enjoy and would rather not deal with.

In the Doctor’s waiting room yesterday I watched with disbelief the lack of treatment and compassion shown to a young  woman with pneumonia. Probably without medical insurance, she was kept waiting until she collapsed in a seizure.  Profit before people.

Travel, rhetoric, communication, the spoken word is unpleasant, wounding, but it’s hard to hold our tongue and not say what we really think.  But we need to speak up about our deepest fears and feelings.

Earlier this month Venus, love, affection, domestic things, crossed Saturn the Lord of Karma. Heartbreak has been the theme with all my clients this month.  On Saturday, January 23rd Mercury begins to move forward again, but hold on to sign contracts or make any important decisions.

Mercury has to move out of its shadow and return to the degree it began this retrograde motion. Valentine’s Day February 14th is the day to go ahead and move forward with your plans.


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Janet Cyford is a Traditional British Spiritualist Medium. She works from her home in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, where she conducts private session, seminars and writes her blog - Mediumship and the Medium. She recently revised her popular book The Ring of Chairs - The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium.


  1. Vandana K January 26, 2016 at 12:59 am - Reply

    Janet as I always say, I don’t have words to thank you for the gift of spirituality you have given me. The gift that grows with time and keeps me grounded. The gift that ensures that everything is alright and there is a reason for everything that happens around us on daily basis. As a graduate student of Nov 2015 Seminar, I would like to say it was a turning point in my life. You are an awesome teacher and I am so thankful to that almighty God for putting a teacher like you in my life. What I have learnt from my Grandparents as kid is, that you need to have a spiritual teacher who connects you to that higher power. I think I have found that teacher who connects me to that high power God and that’s you.


  2. Ann Hp January 27, 2016 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    Fabulous Seminar! And, the weekly Circles afterward are richly nourishing! Best way i have chosen to spend my time and energy!

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