Janet Cyford is a traditional British Spiritualist Medium based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Using a sane and sensible approach, through Private Sessions, Mediumship Development Circles and Seminars, Janet has provided countless people with evidence of the survival of the human Soul and established a method for passing on the spiritual truths gleaned from a lifetime of experience.

She is an experienced lecturer, teacher and respected author.

Janet has recently updated and reissued her book The Ring of Chairs – The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium.

The book is an account of her life long development as a Spiritualist Medium, her training by Spirit teachers, and her continuing work for God the Great Spirit.

Following the success of The Ring of Chairs, Janet is proud to present Conversations with a Medium – a compilation of news letters, articles and feedback from friends and clients.

Janet’s awareness of an afterlife and sensitivity to the presence of “Spirit Friends” was nurtured from an early age, by her parents.

The phenomena of Deep Trance and Transfiguration Mediumship along with Spiritual Healing, were gifts demonstrated by other members of her family.   Their many years of involvement in the Spiritualist National Union Church in a suburb in London provide a Lyceum education and framework which supported her later choice to work for Spirit.

Her family’s rich legacy of Mediumship and Spiritualism provided fertile ground for her natural gifts of inner sight to flourish.

During her early twenties Janet became active in the organizational details of seminars and workshops presenting the mechanics of mediumship as presented before the public in Great Britain.

Further involvement in teaching others to access their own gifts, brought her to America where her work has continued since the mid 1980’s.

Janet’s work has earned her the praise of many loyal and satisfied clients and the of other Mediums considered to be experts in the field.

As a Spiritualist Medium she seeks to serve others by expressing principles of personal responsibility, respect and unconditional love.


Teaching a self discipline she enables others to express the Divinity within. For this is the highest form of Mediumship.

Her knowledge and teachings of an afterlife beyond death, is the subject of a series of workshops covering Spiritual Healing, Altered States of Awareness, Inner Attunement and Mediumistic Development.

Using Symbolism and Analogy, her work is educational and informative, for it can guide students to an understanding and recognition of their Greater Self.

2016 A Year of Completion

Did you make New Year resolutions to begin on January 1st? A smarter idea may have been to use the month of January mulling over your decisions. The planet Mercury, which went retrograde on Tuesday, January 5th in Aquarius, no doubt had you rethinking your grand ideas.

Interview with a Medium

Between the growing popularity of television's John Edwards and Center Stage's production of Blithe Spirit, "The Next Stage" decided to get the straight talk on what Mediums do from Janet Cyford.

Spiritual Healers

A Spiritual Healer is a conduit for the healing energies. It is a rare form of Mediumship for the healer must be free from strong ego, the desire for self promotion and have reach a degree of self mastery.

Spiritual Healing

To stand in the stream of consciousness called the Healing Power is to be experienced . . . rather than explained.

A Message From Janet’s Family

My brother David and I are sad to announce the sudden passing of our mother Janet Cyford. We pray that she is at peace now and with her beloved husband Al Cyford. Whether Janet served you as a Medium,  Astrologer,  Author,  Neighbor or Friend we are certain she will be missed. Our Mother had a fruitful and interesting life here in America, mostly because of you her friends and admirers, and we are very grateful for this. Angela and David Morton To celebrate this blessed life there will be a Memorial Gathering online for those that can not attend in person. Sunday December 4th at 3pm Eastern Time. More details to follow.
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